Congressman Marchant Introduces Bill to Aid Survivors of Human Trafficking

Congressman Kenny Marchant (TX-24) released this statement following the introduction of H.R. 6899, the Human Trafficking Survivor Relief Act:

“North Texans have heard entirely too many horror stories about human trafficking. While we work to eliminate this heinous crime, we must also find ways to aid the victims and survivors of it,” said Marchant. “The Human Trafficking Survivor Tax Relief Act would make civil damages, restitution, and any other monetary award given to human trafficking survivors exempt from federal income taxes. This legislation will allow survivors to file their taxes without fear that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) might audit or penalize them for not reporting civil damages as income.”

“I want to thank Senator Cornyn (R-TX) for leading this effort in the US Senate and Congressman Schneider for joining me in introducing this important bill. Congress should continue to find ways to support the victims and survivors of this horrible crime as they rebuild their lives.”

Senator Cornyn added:

“Survivors of human trafficking often have to relive their abuses when they pursue justice. This legislation provides relief to survivors without the fear of being penalized or audited,” Sen. Cornyn said. “It would also allow survivors who go through civil proceedings to receive the same treatment as those compensated through the criminal justice system. The last thing survivors should expect is to get stuck with a bill from the IRS.”